Vehicle Into Structure in Conewago Township
By Chief Andy Capone
December 17, 2022

At 1349 hours box 29-1 was alerted for a vehicle into a structure. While units were enroute, Conewago Township PD advised persons still in the vehicle, the box was upgraded to a motor vehicle collision with entrapment. Life Team EMS arrived on scene and reported that all occupants had self extricated. Rescue 29 arrived on scene and were met with the task of securing a gas meter that had been struck, along with an unstable vehicle that had damaged front porch support columns. Rescue 29's crew went to work securing the vehicle from movement, shutting off gas, and supporting the porch roof with temporary columns. Crews then checked the adjacent structure for any damage. The occupants of the vehicle were transported to a local hospital with minor injuries. Nobody was at the home where the damage occured at the time. The homeowner was notified and contracted 1-800-Board Up for mitigation. Conewago Township Police are investigating.

Units: Rescue 29, Engine 29, Life Team EMS, Fire Police 29
Mutual Aid: Traffic 79, Fire Police 79.